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I found an additional reference on "Nidhi"

Senarat Paranavitana
Samkha and Padma
Aribus Asiae, 18, 1955, p. 121-127

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Oct. 14, 1994

         References on Nidhi

Dr. R. Mayer wrote that he likes to see  some citations in "Nidhi".
>From my notes, I found two references on "Nidhi"

1) C. Sivaramamurti
Nidhis: Sankha and Padma
Bharat Kaumudi, vol. 2, p.949-954, 1945
Indian press, Ahmedabad.

2) Appar/Tirunavukkarasar (7th century A.D.) has
written a "Tevaram" starting with "Sankhanidhi Padhmanidhi"

T. V. Gopal Iyer, F. Gros,
vol. 2, p. 369, Pondichery, 1984

The Bhakti poem says that even if one donates the two nidhis
or gives the right to rule the earth and heaven, we won't
respect him unless he is devoted to Siva.

That particular "Tevaram" (poem no. 7193 in French Institute
of Indology, Pondichery edition by T. V. gopal Iyer) begins like this:
"cangkaniti patumaniti iraNTum tantu
  taraNiyoTu vaan aaLat taruvaarEnum ..."

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