Sanskrit to be an elective subject in schools

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Fri Oct 14 03:02:53 UTC 1994

I spoke to Professor K.T. Pandurangi, former Professor of Sanskrit at
Bangalore University, only yesterday about Sanskrit-speaking villages in
Karnataka. In our fairly casual conversation, he said that there were
several such villages in the state, possibly as many as half a dozen. There
is also an organisation -- the HIndu Seva Pratisthanam -- which promotes
Sanskrit as a spoken language: it produces simple, direct-method text books,
and a newsletter. You can buy a sticker for your hall or front room saying
"Sanskrit spoken here" in Sanskrit, either in Kannada or Nagari script.

A contact address for those interested is: 

Hindu Seva Pratisthanam,
8th Cross, 2nd Phase,
Bangalore 560 085.
Tel: +91 80 623189.

I have yet to make contact myself, I'm afraid.


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