The Ramayana and the Mahabharata files

David Magier magier at
Mon Nov 28 21:34:57 UTC 1994

> Converting files from one 
> format to another is a major task.  With Tom presumably leaving Seattle, 
> I hope someone else will continue to offer this assistance, perhaps we 
> can volunteer David Magier.
> 	Madhav Deshpande

I have been discussing with Tom the possibility of volunteering to
house the archive of texts here at Columbia and keeping them
accessible both as regular ftp files for downloading and through the
South Asia Gopher. *However*, I have not (indeed cannot) volunteer to
make all necessary file format conversions myself because I lack the
technical expertise. I believe Tom has been suggesting to me that
others (e.g. Tom himself?) would supply the original and/or converted
files, and that my role would be simply to oversee and maintain the
archive (but not bear responsibility for developing its content)...

Comments anyone?   Thanks,  David Magier

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