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Wed Nov 23 14:51:48 UTC 1994

                                  Wednesday, November 23, 1994
     Could anyone point me to a reference on sorting Indic scripts
(preferably in English)?  Not transliteration but the order of
entries in dictionaries for languages using Devanagari or other
South Asian (and Southeast Asian?) scripts.  The order of vowels
and consonants seems clear enough but I could use some guidance
on topics such as the following:  
     1. Are syllables ending with anusvara, anunasika (candrdbindu)
and Visara interfiled before syllables without these marks? Or is
there a desired hierarchy among these marks?  For example, using
N for anusvara, C for candribindu, V for visarga and capital
letters for long vowels, is this the desired order of these
made up words?  paNka, paCka, paVka, paNga, paka, pAka.
     2.  How does avagraha (one or two ofthem) effect sorting?
     3.  Why are the first two Panjabi consonants last with all
other Indic scripts (make that "first three" the two silibants
and the aspirate.)
     4.  If Punjabi "adhik" doubles the following consonant
should sorting treat it as another occurence of that consonant?
     I would not be surprised to learn there are other difficulties
to further complicate things.  Since I'm not an Indologist this
may be a case of "fools rush in ..."
     The above is a purely personal opinion, not the official view
of any government or any agency of any.
     Thanks for any references or insights,
               Jim Agenbroad ( jage at )

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