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Some of the best things in life are free. The Society of Abidance 
in Truth (SAT) is now offering some of the "best of the best" 
publications, using electronic publishing. They respond to your 
interest in the great spiritual tradition of nonduality, and the 
profound teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi.

You can now obtain some of these most valuable materials ever
offered, absolutely free, electronically--mailed directly to your
E-mail address. You can then decide whether you might want
them in the more traditional form of books. If enough people want
them in book form SAT will endeavor to publish them--either by
normal publishing or by subscription. 

Several of the offerings below contain parts of books that are
already published. The incredible RIBHU GITA, for example, is
printed and is now (11/94) being prepared for shipment from India. 
(The first 3 chapters are provided free, as the file RIBHU-1.) 

Parts of other books already published by the Society of Abidance 
in Truth are also available free:

  "RAYS OF THE ULTIMATE" (the first part available free as RAYS-1),
  "NIRGUNA MANASA PUJA" by Sri Sankara (see the file NIRGUNAD), and 
  "WHO WE REALLY ARE" by Master Nome (a discourse, in file WHO-1)

SAT also tells you about great books from other publishers. Two of
the offerings below (TREAS-1 and TREAS-2) are book lists of hard-
to-get spiritual books (on Sri Ramana Maharshi, TREAS-1) and the 
intercultural tradition of nonduality (TREAS-2). These lists can be
obtained from the SAT book service, "Treasures of the Heart."
These are treasures indeed. TREAS-1P and TREAS-2P also give prices.


To receive any of the files listed below please send a message to:

   RAMANA at CRUZIO.COM   (or srice at

Include in your request the keyword listed below for each file
you want. Files will be E-mailed to you. Some of these free files 
are up to 36k in size, as noted. For a shorter description, just 
ask for an appropriate keyword that ends in "AD." 

We think you will find these offerings include the most unusual 
and valuable materials on the Internet--very ancient, very new, 
and most profound. More will be made available soon.

Keyword           Topic
^^^^^^^           ^^^^^
ATMAN-AD       Notice on RAYS-1 and SAGE-ATMA (5k)
BOOKS-AD       Notice on TREAS1 and TREAS2 book lists (3k)
NIRGUNA        New book: Nirguna Manasa Puja by Sri Sankara (6k)
RAYS-1         New book: disciple's memories of Sri Atmananda (29k)
RIBHU-AD       New book notice: description of the Ribhu Gita (3k)
RIBHU-1        The first 3 chapters of the new Ribhu Gita (35k)
SAGEATMA       Life sketch of the Sage Atmananda (19k)
SAT-INFO       Introduces Society of Abidance in Truth (11k)
SATHOME1       (This file)
SATS1-AD       Notice on the WHO-1 satsang with Master Nome (3k)
SWAMI-S        A charming note by a disciple of Sri Ramana (5k)
TREAS-1        Book list on Sri Ramana Maharshi (36k)
TREAS-2        Book list on many nondual Sages (35k)
TREAS-1P       Book list on Sri Ramana Maharshi (with prices) (36k)
TREAS-2P       Book list on many nondual Sages (with prices) (36k)
WHO-1          Book: discourse on nonduality by Master Nome (17k)
WISE-1         "Among the Wise", a description of SAT ashram (36k)


You are warmly invited to call, write or visit SAT (sometimes known
as "Ramanashram West"). Master Nome is a Self-Realized disciple 
of the great Sri Ramana Maharshi.

The Society of Abidance in Truth (SAT)
1834 Ocean Street
Santa Cruz, California 95060  Voice: (408) 425-7287.

Internet address: RAMANA at CRUZIO.COM  (or srice at
(To get THIS FILE IMMEDIATELY you can "Finger" srice at


Stan Rice, Autospec Inc, srice at  


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