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Sat Nov 19 15:01:12 UTC 1994

Hi Dominik,

>Dear colleagues,
>I've been off the net for a while -- a month to be exact -- and now
>I'm back I find that a disk crash on the vigyan machine has caused
>all email between 10th and 25th of October to be lost. So if you
>sent me anything important in that period, please send it again.
>This applies to Julia Leslie too, who also has an account
>on vigyan.

I wouldn't say it was "important" but I sent a note to Julia on the dates in
question thanking her for some suggestions about what to read on women in
India for a lecture I've foolishly offerred to give. Please pass on my
thanks again, and I hope you had a great time in the Maldives.

Damien Keown <d.keown at>
Department of Historical & Cultural Studies
University of London, Goldsmiths
London UK, SE14 6NW                                                    


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