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Frank Conlon conlon at u.washington.edu
Thu Nov 17 22:58:23 UTC 1994

So far as I know, the Religion, Theology and Philosophy is the ONLY 
portion of the UMI list to be available on e-mail.  I think they plan on 
doing more, although the incentives  may lead them to do the next test 
case on something in the sciences or technology.

Frank F. Conlon
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On Thu, 17 Nov 1994, Ganesan wrote:

>         University Microfilms Inc (UMI) Database
>         ----------------------------------------
> As Dr. D. Keown has written, UMI database can be searched
> for any dissertation on Religion, Theology and Philosophy.
> The gopher address is gopher://gopher.umi.com
> But is there a way to search the UMI database on doctoral dissertations
> on other subjects of indological interest like art, architecture, 
> language, literature, history, ethonology, arts and crafts, performing arts, 
> etc.,
> Any pointers??
> N. Ganesan
> nas_ng at lms461.jsc.nasa.gov

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