Indic etexts and Macs

Thomas B. Ridgeway ridgeway at
Thu Nov 17 21:34:42 UTC 1994

Good day to you all,

A few people have experienced some difficulty in finding a
way to make use of the recently available etext material
on Macintosh computers.  There are now a few more resources
which may be helpful.

All files below are now available on
All of these are in Macintosh binhex format: you must be able to unbinhex
them on your end: if you don't know how to do this there will certainly
be a Macintosh guru just down the hall from you who can help.

/ftp/pub/indic/Tokunaga/Unzip_5.0p1.hqx  : a program to unzip zip-archives
/ftp/pub/indic/Tokunaga/unzipmac5.0p1.cpt.hqx : the same, but will
   supporting documents, a copy of the General Public License, the source
   code, etc.
/ftp/pub/indic/outlines/HACC_Indic.hqx  : a Macintosh font suitcase with
         the Charter-based ANSI-semi-compatible indic font
/ftp/pub/indic/outlines/Velthuis_Nagari.hqx : same, but the unfinished-needs
         -work version of Velthuis nagari.
/ftp/pub/indic/outlines/Washington_Greek.hqx :  
/ftp/pub/indic/outlines/Washington_Indic.hqx : the CSX-compatible layout of 
          the Indic font.


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