yanom at ksuvx0.kyoto-su.ac.jp yanom at ksuvx0.kyoto-su.ac.jp
Wed Nov 16 01:47:23 UTC 1994

>  Query: how would you think it best to retranscribe the '..' '.'
>notation?  Possibly replace '..' by space and leave '.' as it is?
I will convey your message to Muneo Tokunaga, but changes of such 
kind are better made by the user himself.

> Also: in the Mahabharata ';' (semicolon) is sometimes used as a
>middle-of-line divider in addition to doing duty as 'hiatus' marker.
Tokunaga has put this mark in order to analyse meter of the epics.
His very interesting paper will soon appear.

Michio YANO

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