Disk quotas

Chris Wooff C.Wooff at liverpool.ac.uk
Tue Nov 15 09:19:28 UTC 1994

As administrator of Indology I get copies of all rejected mail which
can't get delivered to you. At present I'm seeing a lot of mail rejected
by sites which implement 'quotas' on their systems. This means that the
site rejects all mail messages to users whose mailbox size exceeds some
locally defined limit.

If you are at one of these sites then can you please try to ensure that
you leave sufficient space for incoming mail. By talking to your local
Computer Centre staff you may even be able to have this limit increased.
The consequences of doing nothing are that *any* mail to you (not just
from Indology) will not be delivered. In addition you will help reduce
the cost of managing the Indology list.

This morning I have had to remove two Indology subscribers who have
been over quota for a considerable time. I don't like having to do
this, but it is the only effective way to constrain this problem.

Thank you for reading this message.

Chris Wooff (C.Wooff at liverpool.ac.uk)

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