Politics and the List

carlo della casa giuseppe at imiucca.csi.unimi.it
Mon Nov 14 09:09:19 UTC 1994

 The debate on "Politics and the List" percolates through my e-mail; from a purely aesthetic point of view, the impact is quite peculiar: one is reminded of an old old tall tale my grandfather used to tell on Trappist monks.
	These reverend fathers were allowed to talk only once a year, at Christmas time; moreover, only one monk was allowed to talk every year, so that each monk actually got to speak only about once every 20 years.
	One year one of the Fathers gets up and says: "I hate lentil soup".
	The following year another monk gets up and says "I like lentil soup".
	The third year, another monk gets up and says: "Why do we always have to talk about food?".

	This may or may not be to the point; I personally find the debate interesting, even if isn't close to my personal interests. And though I wouldn't subscribe to many of the views I've read, I feel no compulsion whatsoever to unsubscribe.
	My best to all,

	Alex Passi
	Universita' di Bologna,
	Istituto di Glottologia
	giuseppe at imiucca.csi.unimi.it


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