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 Alan Entwistle wrote:
 numismatic evidence and Vayupurana (99.383) do suggest Mathura was 
held by a succession of rulers who styled themselves "Naga", with 
names such as Ganapatinagaand Sharvanaga, who became feudatories of 
the Guptas. I'm also not sure what is meant by "Buddhist Kushans" - 
The last Kushana to rule at Mathura was named Vasudeva.
 Notwithstanding the chagrin on the books I cited, I do appreciate 
Alan's response to my question. If there are other summative works
of the detailed history of India from 900 to the 1700 AD I would like 
to know of them.
 I have a book by K.P Jayaswal "History of India, 150-350 A.D." 
(1933). He does quote the historyof Kashmir "Rajatrangini" which 
speaks of the Kushan rule. According to it Buddhism had been imposed  
in Kashmir, and the worship of the Nagas had been stopped by the 
Turushkas. Gonorda III restored the Naga worship abolished by Hushka, 
Jushka and Kanishka. The book also qoutes from the Visnu, Vayu,
Bhagvat Puranas, and numismatic evidence abou the Naga dynasty; The 
Bharasiva dynasty began with Nava Naga which the author says heralded 
the post Saka-Kushan Hindu revival ultimately carried on by the 
All the best,
J.B. Sharma


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