Political dimension

aklujkar at unixg.ubc.ca aklujkar at unixg.ubc.ca
Wed Nov 9 16:53:12 UTC 1994

Thanks to Lance Nelson for his recent forthright posting.

In my earlier communication under the same heading I should have mentioned
the name of Peter Claus in the first paragraph. I value his thoughtful

Richard Hayes' recent observation about 'drawing the line' has its
validity. However, in all the situations he has mentioned, we draw a line
with other participants of similar standing involved; in other words, the
process is essentially open and  public although the number of participants
is limited by qualification.  I would have no objection to that sort of
monitoring but do we have the resources (especially when  we do not have
time even to respond to Jonathan Silk's excellent questions)?

Ashok Aklujkar


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