Political dimension of Indology

Lance Nelson lnelson at teetot.acusd.edu
Wed Nov 9 00:12:28 UTC 1994

On Tue, 8 Nov 1994 aklujkar at unixg.ubc.ca wrote:
> I . . . am still interested in knowing what impact, if any,
> information and views to the contrary have had on Mr. Nelson's view. Since
> he caused the discussion, I think there is some professional ethical
> obligation that he should let us know if what the other side has asserted
> is correct, incorrect,or  partly correct (if partly correct, to what
> extent). 
On Oct. 30, I forwarded--with no comment other than "FYI"--a letter
concerning the recognition of the VHP by United Way, a major US charity
organization.  As a scholar of South Asia, I found it interesting that an
important Hindu organization in the US had been so recognized, and I
thought others might also.  I myself have no expertise on the subject, nor
did I express any views regarding it.  So I'm not sure what the "other 
side" might be so as to comment on it. 

Of course the letter itself expressed some allegations about the VHP, and 
I am therefore responsible--though I did not write the letter--for 
circulating charges I cannot either support or refute through first hand 
knowledge.  I accept this responsibility and apologize.

I also apologize if this list is not the appropriate place to post items 
of contemporary concern.   A suggestion: It might be a good idea for the 
list owner to post, from time to time, a statement of purpose, so that 
those, like myself, who have only recently subscribed, might not offend 
anyone by introducing topics not within the list's purview.  I don't 
recall receiving such a statement when I subscribed.   If it was, I again 

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