A list of fonts for South Asian languages

Michael Shapiro hindimcs at u.washington.edu
Tue Nov 8 21:58:26 UTC 1994

Keep up the good work.  You're providing an important service.

On Tue, 8 Nov 1994, Frances Pritchett wrote:

> Dear friends and colleagues,
> There are so many queries about fonts that it will obviously be a 
> convenience to have a list of them in a single place.  We at Columbia are 
> ready to offer our South Asia Gopher to be such a place.  Since so 
> far nobody truly competent has volunteered to maintain such a list, I'm 
> willing to give it a go despite my amateurishness.  I've pulled 
> together a draft list consisting of all the material I've seen on this 
> network and elsewhere.  I've sent around copies already to everybody 
> whose material appears on the list.  Soon I'll be sending around a final 
> draft to the Indology network, before placing the list within the ILM 
> (Inventory of Language Materials) section of the Gopher.
> Does anybody want to suggest any materials I might have missed?  Do you 
> yourself have any font materials of your own that are available to the 
> public?  If you haven't yet received an email copy of the draft list, 
> then your own materials are probably not on the list.  Why not send me 
> full info?  That way I can include your materials in the final draft that 
> will be sent around once to everybody before being incorporated into 
> ILM.  After that, of course, updates will still be welcome.
> Thanks in advance for all suggestions,
> Fran Pritchett

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