A list of fonts for South Asian languages

Frances Pritchett fp7 at columbia.edu
Tue Nov 8 16:29:50 UTC 1994

Dear friends and colleagues,

There are so many queries about fonts that it will obviously be a 
convenience to have a list of them in a single place.  We at Columbia are 
ready to offer our South Asia Gopher to be such a place.  Since so 
far nobody truly competent has volunteered to maintain such a list, I'm 
willing to give it a go despite my amateurishness.  I've pulled 
together a draft list consisting of all the material I've seen on this 
network and elsewhere.  I've sent around copies already to everybody 
whose material appears on the list.  Soon I'll be sending around a final 
draft to the Indology network, before placing the list within the ILM 
(Inventory of Language Materials) section of the Gopher.

Does anybody want to suggest any materials I might have missed?  Do you 
yourself have any font materials of your own that are available to the 
public?  If you haven't yet received an email copy of the draft list, 
then your own materials are probably not on the list.  Why not send me 
full info?  That way I can include your materials in the final draft that 
will be sent around once to everybody before being incorporated into 
ILM.  After that, of course, updates will still be welcome.

Thanks in advance for all suggestions,
Fran Pritchett

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