VHP and United Way

J.B. Sharma JSHARMA at Hermes.GC.PeachNet.EDU
Mon Nov 7 21:03:23 UTC 1994

 It is interesting to note that this storm in a teacup brewed only 
after rebuttals were posted to the note which began this thread. That 
note however was followed by a conspicuous silence, and if left 
unchallenged, would have become truth by default. The offended parties 
would obviously have liked it that way.
 Unlike the contention of Richard Hayes, it does matter what leading 
scholars of South Asia may have to say about South Asia. If a 
note is presented with the official title, it carries with it the 
weight of the prestige of the institution. For many who dont know 
enough about South Asia, the slander presented will be regarded as 
the truth. A rebuttal remains within scholarly purview.
 I second Jonathan Silk's pointed observation that instead of 
whining, please light up the net with your intellects, and that 
evanascent scholarly exchange which appears in wisps ! Tantrums and 
threats of quitting do not behoove scholarly dignity.
All the best,
J.B. Sharma 

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