VHP and United Way

Mantra Corporation 0005614754 at mcimail.com
Fri Nov 4 00:14:00 UTC 1994

Namaste!  Wrote, in part, Narayan Sriranga Raja:
> . . . to mix politics and religion.  
> I wish they would recover from this Islamization and return 
> to being normal, non-political, traditional Hindus.
> Let Hinduism be your religion, not your profession.
I submit that Hinduism predates the difference between what is
religious and what is not and that it encompasses all aspects
of individual, cultural and societal life -- including politics.
Why must this latter-day tendency to divide a whole be permitted
to survive?
Deepavali Greetings!
*-=Om Shanti=-*  Jai Maharaj   0005614754 at mcimail.com


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