The animal in religion.

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Mon Nov 7 08:29:55 UTC 1994

Dear Listmembers:

If possible, could you please direct me to relevant literature regarding 
the history, religious context, mode of worship etc. of the following:

My students have referred to a recent magazine-style television 
programme which discussed the depiction and role of animals in religion. 
Amongst other things, the documentary showed a particular Hindu temple 
interesting in the least for its veneration of the humble rat: it seems 
that the rodents occupied the temple precinct in their thousands while 
visitors performed their religious duties etc.

I'm told the temple is named Karnidevi (or Karnimata). (I'm guessing with 
the spelling.) It is located at Deshnok, outside Bikaner in Rajasthan. Any 
assistance in this regard would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

Eddie Crangle

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