South Asian GLB bibliography

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Addition to the South Asian GLB bibliography: 

Singh, Nidhi, producer & director. Khush Refugees. San Francisco: 
Crosscurrent Media, 1991. A 32-minute color video. 

"This film focuses on San Francisco's gay community where two exiles, 
Rahul, an immigrant from India, and Dante, an ex-marine from suburban 
Ohio, try to assimilate in this new `foreign' culture. Singh brackets 
their interracial relationship in an expressive docudrama that combines 
personal vignettes with Indian landscapes, snapshots from home, Castro 
Street scenes, and erotic temple carvings. Particularly intriguing 
are Rahul's witty observations about American culture and his timid 
coming-of-age. This entertaining video work asserts that simply 
departing from the norm can earn one refugee status."
		Steve Reid, Pacific Film Archive

This docudrama also provides sensitive crosscultural perspectives on 
the nature and expression of intimacy. 

Rosane Rocher.

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