Mon Nov 7 23:25:44 UTC 1994

        It may seem very selfish of me, but I cannot resist pointing out
that so far NOT ONE of the people who have complained about the
politicization of INDOLOGY have responded to even one of the many technical
questions concerning Sanskrit and Indian studies posted by me to this list
recently, and again in the not too distant past.  With very few exceptions,
moreover, there has been little technical discussion of Indological topics
from any corner of late.
        I am well aware that this list is not the be-all and end-all of the
scholarly lives of its members, but it might carry more weight if those who
complain about even the slightest politicization of the list were actively
participating in the project of making this list into a vital and active
SCHOLARLY forum.  I thought part of the point of this list was to make us
realize that we do not and need not work in a vacuum.
        So, how about some questions, answers, reports of interesting
discoveries, random thoughts -- whatever?  (Years ago there was a section
in the JRAS of "Notes and Queries" -- might not INDOLOGY be a perfect forum
for just such contributions?)

Jonathan Silk


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