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Srinivas Sunder sunder at crystal.cirrus.com
Fri Nov 4 14:54:42 UTC 1994

i) I think Aditya Mishra has confused Operation Bluestar with the the massacre
of the Sikh citizenry of Delhi post Indira Gandhi's assassination. The petition
posted by Siddarth V. was a request that action be finally taken against the
alleged perpetrators of THAT massacre, not Bluestar.

ii) India did not amend its Constitution after the Shah Bano case; it merely
enacted a law (which requires only a simple majority of both Houses of
Parliament, not a 2/3 majority of each House), which it was within its
Constitutional rights to do.

This notwithstanding, I agree with his contention that Indology is the least 
suitable forum for such discussions. I find the discussions about whether Manu 
and Medhathithi were referring to people with haemorrhoids or creatures with 
their eyes at the wrong end more fascinating and illuminating.

Y'all have a nice day.

Srinivas Sunder
Austin, TX, USA

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