Political postings

The Skeptic z900672a at bcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us
Fri Nov 4 04:13:39 UTC 1994

I am disturbed by the two recent postings which are purely political 
propaganda and emotional outbursts only.
As most readers are aware, there are other lists more suited to such 
topics, i. Hindu-d and India-d. There is no reason to spill over 
emotional issues here. I would prefer some quiet discussion here.
As far as VHP issue is concerned, there are already several purely and 
patently religious organizations that are supported by Unite Way and that 
is one of the reasons I do not contribute to United Way. The other reason is 
the waste and misuse of funds by its administrators. But those who do 
contribute to it should  not object to the inclusion of another religious 
group howsoever disagreeable that may be to you. You have the right to not 
contribute to the United Way.
The same thing goes about the posting about the so called 1984 Massacre. 
There was no massacre at all and the action taken by Indira Gandhi was 
too late and in any case it cost her her life. What more these people 
want by signing petitions etc? 
I think, it has been a tragedy of politics in India that it has been 
involved in religious affairs starting with M.Gandhi to the present day. 
Why do they have to have special laws for different religions? Why did 
M.Gandhi support Khalfat which was a purely religious issue? India was 
the first country to ban Satanic Verses and amend its constitution after Shah 
Bano case. The VHP is not the only party that is playing religious game.
Let us not play the same games here in US or the internet.


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