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J.K. Brzezinski brzezins at
Fri May 20 17:41:27 UTC 1994

Does anyone know the E-mail address of Donna Wulff, the scholar of 
Bengali religion and music?

Thank you for your help.

                          Jan Brzezinski, PhD
		  Centre for the Study of Religion
		        University of Toronto


> From KHARE at 20 94 May EST 14:41:00
Date: 20 May 94 14:41:00 EST
From: Jitendra Khare <KHARE at>
Subject: Konkansth Brahmins from India...

Hullo!  I was wondering if any subscriber in this newsgroup knows about the histroy of evolution(?) of Konkansth Brahmins from Maharashtra? I am particularly interested in knowing why they are fair w/different coloured eyes.
Jitendra Khare
Khare at


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