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Mon May 9 00:17:57 UTC 1994


			"Imaginary Geographies"
			 ========= ===========

  		    An edited collection of essays

	Chandra S. Balachandran			Jeffrey Jerome Cohen

	Department of Geosciences		Committee on Degrees in 
	North Dakota State University		       Literature and History
	Fargo, ND				Harvard University
						Cambridge, MA
	balachan at		jjcohen at


	A collection of essays is being planned under the broad umbrella
of geography/cultural studies.  This collection will broadly explore the
mapping of the possible through the creation of the irreal:  verbal
geographies of invisible/irreal places, immaterial/irreal "placeness," and
cyberspace -- basically geographies of largely experiential places, lands
that never were.  There are no boundaries to this inquiry -- disciplinary,
temporal, cultural, or otherwise.  
	We are trying to develop as the central trope of our collection, a
notion we are calling "unsettling" -- the process both of (de)colonization
and of "troubling" cultural spaces, real and irreal.  Problematics of
boundaries, race, gender, sexuality, and the body, as well as
methodologies for these spaces, seem naturally related to this collection. 

	We particularly welcome contributions that explore these issues
from any disciplinary perspective that would unsettle any cultural
category through an exploration of the mapping of the imaginary. 

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