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Apologies for cross-posting.  The announcement which follows was sent to me
by Alexander A. Stolyarov whom I met in Hong Kong at the ICANAS/IAOL
meetings last August.  I have also received two numbers of a bulletin which
his group has published entitled:  Bazy dannykh po istorii Evrazii v
srednie veka (Data Bases on the History of Eurasia in the Middle Ages). 
The translations of article titles in Vypusk 1 (1992)  and Vypusk 2 (1993)
are listed after the conference announcement.  If anyone wants a particular
article, please make a request to the Interlibrary Loan Department of the
Ohio State University Libraries.  This publication was issued in 250 copies
so it might be hard to find.  That is why I am inputting the information
for everyone's benefit.  Please pass this on to other appropriate

First Circular
Dear colleagues,
The History Department, the Institute of Oriental Studies and the
Orientalists' Society of the Russian Academy of Sciences are holding an
International Conference in Moscow on the 7-11th February 1995 under the
title 'The Spiritual, Material and Written Monuments of Ancient and
Mediaeval Orient (the Problems of Database Creation)'.

Subjects of the conference include reports, seminars and discussions

on the problems of the creation of databases on bibliography, sources,
literary texts, monuments and so on,

on the peculiarities of methodics in oriental historical and philological

on the problems of formalizing and correlating the artefacts of material
culture, folklore and literary sources,

on the practice of editing the reference books, indexes, directories and
other results of computer studies,

and also on the problems of creating the special software for carrying out
the oriental researches.

The list of themes embraces the historical period from archaic times to the
18th century A.D. It may be connected with the nations, cultures, ethnoses
and persons of Asia and Eastern Europe (in connection with Asia).

The Organizing Committee of the Conference asks you to send your claim and
abstract of your report not later than the 1st July 1994. You can also
propose a special topic of a seminar or discussion. In this case we ask you
to give us the names of participats who in your opinion will be interested
in proposed topic.
Organizing Committee
Dimitry D. Vasiliev
Alexander A. Stolyarov
12 Rozhdestvenka, Moscow 107753, RUSSIA
tel.: 7 (095) 928 5764
fax: 7 (095) 975 2396
E-mail: astol at


Bazy dannykh po istorii Evrazii v srednie veka

Vypusk 1 (1992)

Contents (articles are in Russian except where noted; translated titles are
given as found on the title page -- ie. as translated by the editors not by
me-- MD)

The Principles and the Perspectives of the Programme of the Computer
Researches on the Mediaeval History of Eurasia..........5 [in Russian and

The Principles of the Work with the Factographical Historical

Blyumkhen, S. I. The Structure of the Database on Ancient Chinese Oracle

Vassilyev, D. D. The Databases on the Monuments of Turkic Runic Script: The
Burial Epigraphics of South Siberia....14

Vertogradova, V. V.; Lelyukhin, D. N.; Stolyarov, A.A.; Tzygankov, Yu.Ja.
The Multipurpose Bibliographical Database on All-Indian

Davidovitch, E. A. The Problems of the Making of the Database on
Sheibanids' Golden and Silver Coins (XVI AD)..........21

Dodhudoeva, Lola N.  The Prospects for the Use of Computer Methodics in the
Historical Researches of the Mediaeval and Modern History Department of the
Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography of the Tajik Academy of

Dubrovskaya.  D. V.   The Problems of the Computer Produced Hieroglyphic
Texts of Chinese Mediaeval Historical Sources.........34

Ermolenko, L. N; Smirnov, D. A.; The Structure of the Database on Asian
Steppes' Stone Sculptures....... 36

Kazakov, B.  The Experience of Formalisation of the Historical Documents'
Regests (the Collection of Budkhara's Regional Library)......43

Nastich, V.N. Mediaeval Tombstones of Middle Asia with Epitaphs in Arabic

Pichikjan, I. R.  Computerization of the Votive Artefacts of the Temple the

Rexvan, E. A. Tikhonova, I. G.  The Databases on Manuscripts' Depositories:
the Problems and Perspectives on the Beginning of the Programme......55 

Stolyarov, A. A. The Possibilities of the Computer Treating of North Indian
Early Medieval Acts.......64

Rogozhin, N. M.  Posolski Books as a Source in the Study of Political
Relations of Russia with Peoples and Countries of the Orient......70 [ in

Beisembiev, T. K. The Kokand Historical Texts of XIX-XX AD........73

Goryaeva, L. V.  Malay Mediaeval Literary Monuments......73

Zagorodnikova, T.N., The Computer Treating of the Archival Documents on the
History of Russian-Indian Relations......74

Kochnev, B.D.  Middle Asian Numismatics of VIII-XIII AD.......74

Kullanda, S. V.   The Possibilities for the Creation of the Database on
Indonesian Material.....75

Kumekov, B. E.  Kypchaks of VIII-XIV AD in Arabic, Persian, and Turkic

Kurpalidis, G. M. The Multi-Level Research of the Sources on the History
and the Culture of Near and Middle East (X-XIX AD)........75

Luzhetskaya, N. L.  The Computerized Database on Afghan History.........76

Nabijan Tursun, The Computerized Database on the Ancient and Early
Mediaeval History of Uighurs (prior to XIII AD)......77

Ter-Mkrtichyan, L. Ch.  Armenian sources of V-XVIII AD on Middle Asia and

Authors of the Issue.........78


Vypusk 2 (1993)

The Problems of the Complex Study of the Sources on the History of
Eurasia.....5 [Russian & English]

Anufriev, V. Yu.  The Multilingual Word-Processor (MWP) under Windows......10

Boguslavski, O. I. Matekhin, K.A.  A Rated Method of Construction of
Chronological Systems by a Research of Archaeological Unicultural
Assemblages and an Elaboration of Automatized Data Base.....15

Ivanov, V. B.  Arabic Fonts Utilities for Orientalists.......21

Lyubchenko, V. I.   The Retrieval System of Chinese Characters.....26

Maracha, V. G., Novikov, A. V., Shulgin, S. V.  On the Academic Section of
Intermunicipal Telecommunication Computer Network......34

Maron, M. E., Larin, I. E.   On the Technology of the Editing of the
Multiscript Texts.....43

Starostin, S. A.  The Working Environment for Linguists......50

Trifonov, A. B.   On the Question of the Usage of the Optical Character
Recognizer System for the Input of Arabic Printed Texts......64

Tikhonova, I. G.  Arabic Optical Character Recognizer......68 [ in English]

Authors of this issue............74


with best wishes,

Maureen H. Donovan
Japanese Studies Librarian
Ohio State University Libraries

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