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>For a colleague doing cross-cultural research on transvestism I would
>appreciate any relavant references, posted here or sent to me directly. I
>have already referred him to Michael Sweet's chapter in _Buddhism,
>Sexuality and Gender_, but there must be more I am not aware of.
Hi Alan: The chapter you allude to in Jose's book is by my partner in this
area of arcane scholarship, Len Zwilling.  Regarding the whole subject of
transgender phenomena in India, including crossdressing there are a lot of
references in our joint article [Sweet, M. J. & Zwilling, L.] "The First
Medicalization: The Taxonomy and Etiology of Queerness in Classical Indian
Medicine" in Journal of the History of Sexuality, 3, 1993, pp.590-607.
We're currently working on the third sex among the Jains, will be presenting
a paper on that at AAS this week, but very little specifically on
crossdressing.  Serena Nanda's book "Neither Male nor Female: The Hijras of
India", would probably also be of interest to your collegue.

                                               Michael Sweet

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