Skt. romanization?

Sat Mar 19 08:30:51 UTC 1994

There are many conventional ways of  Romanization.
Here is Kyoto-Harvard method:
        vowels:     a, A, i, I, u, U, R, RR, L, e, ai, o, au
        gutturalas: k, kh, g, gh, G
        palatals:   c, ch, j, jh, J
        linguals:   T, Th, D, Dh, N
        dentals:    t, th, d, dh, n
        labials:    p, ph, b, bh, m
        semivowels: y, r, l, v
        sibilants:  z, S, s
        aspiration: h
        anusvAra:   M
        visarga:    H
Sometimes we use aa etc. instead of A etc. for long vowels.
If you mix Sanskrit with other languages,  Dr. Velthuis's
would be better, especially for TeX documents.
Michio YANO

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