Avanti-Jaipur distinction

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In response to an inquiry from "the new kid on the block", Tom Greer,
information regarding Devanagari fonts is again being circulated on the
Indology network. In this connection, I would urge all concerned to note
the following:

Creator (as much as one can be in this world) of Avanti and Sindhu  fonts:
Ashok Aklujkar
Creator of Jaipur and Hindustan fonts: Kenneth E. Bryant

Avanti and Jaipur are for printing Devanagari. 
Sindhu and Hindustan are for printing many Indic languages in romanization.

Avanti and Sindhu were made by me in 1985 (slightly improved in 1988)  for
dot-matrix printers. The former is a considerably improved version of what
George Hart (Univ. of California, Berkeley) had accomplished. That it 
prints well even on laser printers is something that still surprises me. It
is, for example, the type used for Devanagari text matter in my book
Sanskrit: an Easy Introduction to an Enchanting Language. 

Sindhu too will work on laser printers but not so well. For most
romanization I use Bryant's Hindustan. 

In addition to storing better shapes of letters in the Mac s memory, the
only contribution to the computerization of Indic scripts that I have made
is a logical, easy-to-learn assignment of Devanagari letters to the Mac
keyboards.  I should not be given credit for Jaipur or Hindustan. 

Bryant now as improved versions of his laser fonts. They are True-type and
are called Taj and Jaisalmer. 

Many fonts made specifically for laser printers and capable of meeting
Indological needs are now available. India has a considerable variety of
them, although mostly for IBM-PC clones. In North America, the fonts made
by Professor Madhav Deshpande (Univ. of Michigan , Ann Arbor, 
madhav_deshpande at UM.CC.UMICH.EDU) are very good.

Both Dr. Bryant and I earn our keep in the same department (Department of
Asian Studies, University of B.C.,Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6T 1Z2, (604)
822-5185, (604) 274-5353,  fax
822-8937). For Dr. Bryant's fonts, please contact him directly. His e-mail
address is:  		ken.bryant at mtsg.ubc.ca.

A disk containing Avanti and Sindhu can be bought for only 40 US$ along
with explanatory literature.  (I contribute the net proceeds to a student
assistance fund.) It is good only for Macintoshes.

Ashok Aklujkar, Professor, Department of Asian Studies, University of B.C.,
Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6T 1Z2, (604) 822-5185, (604) 274-5353,  fax


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Thanks for the info., Dominik. Does anyone know how Executor compares with
"Mac-In-DOS" (about $60) or "Mac-In-DOS for Windows" (about $110)?
		David Swain

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