8/95 3rd International Hindukush Cultural Conference

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Tue Jun 21 15:13:38 UTC 1994

               THE HINDUKUSH REGION: 1895 - 1995

    The Third International Hindukush Cultural Conference
                   26th - 30th August 1995
          Anjuman-e-Taraqqi-e-Khowar, Chitral, Pakistan

          Preliminary Announcement - Call For Papers

The Anjuman-e-Taraqqi-e-Khowar takes great pleasure in announcing the 
Third International Hindukush Cultural Conference, which is planned for 
the last week in August, 1995, the centennial of the historic siege of 
Chitral, a major turning point in the history of this region. This 
conference is a continuation of the work begun in 1970 in Moesgaard, 
Denmark under the leadership of Georg Morgenstierne and continued in 
September, 1990 with the Second International Hindukush Cultural 
Conference in Chitral.

SUBJECTS FOR PAPERS: The theme of the third conference is "The Hindukush 
Region: 1895-1995." Under this broad umbrella we invite scholars of the 
Hindukush-Karakoram area to submit papers in their respective fields 
relevant to any aspect of one of the following general areas:

Material cultural heritage              Social history
Non-material cultural heritage          Language and literature
Socio-economic development              Anthropology
Geopolitical history and developments   Political history
Women's issues and contributions        Folklore
Geography, physical, social, economic   Education
Challenges of the 21st century          Environmental issues

Conference proceedings will be published as Volume 2 of the series 
Hindukush and Karakoram Studies.

SUBMISSION OF ABSTRACTS: Please send your paper proposals to the
Organizing Committee as soon as possible. Your abstracts of approximately
150 words in length should reach us by 31 AUGUST 1994. Abstracts of 
papers presented will be included in the Conference booklet.

Unfortunately the Anjuman is not in a position to pay travel expenses for 
participants. We hope that with sufficient notice you will be able to 
arrange travel funding from your own institutions. Also, in order to help 
defray expenses of the conference, registration fees will apply at the 
following scale.

Conference Program
26-29 August - Conference sessions
30 August - field trip to Bumburet or
Garam Chashma

Confeence Fees
Rs. 2,000 - non-presenters from outside Pakistan
Rs. 1,500 - paper authors from outside Pakistan
Rs. 1,000 - non-presenters, local
Rs.   500 - paper presenters, local

The fee will include participation in all conference sessions and 
functions, the field trip, and meals and local transportation in Chitral.

planning, we request you to respond in one of the following ways to 
Professor Israruddin on the Organizing Committee by 30th June 1994.

__ I definitely plan to attend the Conference. Please add my name to the 
   list of definite participants and send me the next informational 

__ I will present a paper; it will be in the area of __________________.

__ I may be able to attend the Conference and will contact the Organizing 
   Committee later when my plans become more definite.

__ I will not be able to attend the Conference.

                            Name and Institution

If any of your colleagues who might be interested in attending have not 
received this information, please (i) inform them about the conference, 
and (ii) send us their name(s) and adress(es) so that we can contact them 

The Organizing Committee also invite any further suggestions you have 
about the content of the Conference, or any recommendations you would 
like to make based on your experience at the Second International 
Hindukush Conference in 1990.

We look forward to seeing you in Chitral!

Professor Israr-ud-Din
Chairman, Organizing Committee
Department of Geography
Peshawar University

Inayatullah Faizi, Ph.D.
President, Anjuman-e-Taraqqi-e-Khowar
Government College, Booni
District Chitral, NWFP, PAKISTAN

Elena Bashir, Ph.D.
Secretary, Organizing Committee
P.O. Box 1128
Islamabad, PAKISTAN



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