Early twentieth-century Sikh Posters

Louis Fenech lfenech at epas.utoronto.ca
Tue Jun 28 00:33:14 UTC 1994

Dear Net users,

I require some assistance.  Can anyone tell me how I may subscribe to 
*KHALSANET*?  Also would someone out there know of (or hopefully have 
seen) a series of posters 
which were advertised on the last pages of an early twentieth-century 
Sikh newspaper, "The Khalsa Advocate".  The characters these posters are 
meant to have presented are Akali Phoola Singh, Bhai Taru Singh, and Baba 
Dip Singh.  Any information in regard to these queries will be greatly 

Thank you
Lfenech at epas.utoronto.ca


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