Mizue Sugita h54251 at
Mon Jun 20 17:13:19 UTC 1994

     I am keenly interested in ViSNudharmottarapurANa manuscripts.  
I am now in the second year of my doctorate course at Kyoto University.
Several other students and I are reading the second volume of 
ViSNudharmottarapurANa in Professor Michio Yano's seminar.
     We are using a Jammu manuscript, the copy of which Professor Yano 
has obtained, but it is not very good. We are also using the book 
published by Nag Publishers, but it is not very good either, because 
apparently the manuscript they used is seriously corrupt. 
     I am now searching for information about ViSNudharmottarapurANa            manuscripts.  What I need most at this point is information on which 
institutions are willing to allow access to their manuscripts.  I'd like 
to ask anyone who has any information at all about the best way to obtain 
access to, and ideally, copies of, these materials to respond to:
     Mizue Sugita
     h54251 at
                                          Department of Indology
                                          Faculty of Letters
                                          Kyoto University
                                          Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
                                          606-01 JAPAN
Anything anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated.  

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