Developments or work in Indian Languages(Hindi) area

Jeroen Hellingman jhelling at
Mon Jun 20 11:35:49 UTC 1994

  > Hi, 
  > I got this address from Sally at University of California at Berkeley.
  >  I learned that you are involved in Hindi or Indian languages related
  > works. I will be interested to learn some more what you are doing.
  > I am Bioengineer/Research scientist at university of Michigan Hospitals
  > (Neurology department). In my part time  I have  developed a software
  > for IBM PC to learn Hindi. There are two parts to it. In part I, it teaches
  > alphabets with sound, images, and text. In part II, it extends it to
  > words and sentences and a word is formed from alphabets and then how a
  > sentence is formed from words. It is designed in game form so kids
  > can also learn from it. I may send you more information if you need.
  > I am working now to develop a FONT for PCs at affordable price compred to 
  > what are currently available in the market.
  > Thanks 
  > Ramesh Kushwaha
Hi Ramesh,

This sounds interesting. Maybe you already got a mail from Hein Wagenaar, but
we are interested to learn more about your software. Please stay in contact,
or contact Hein at <parikh at>.

We are a starting up company in Multimedia applications which will be located
in Ahmedabad.

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