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Tue Jun 7 02:38:42 UTC 1994

Two questions, easy one first:
Some time ago Prof. Wezler wrote a piece on the Four Noble
Truths and medical paradigms.  Where was this published?
Has anyone else written about medical paradigms for Buddhist
teachings (not mentioned by Wezler -- if I can find his paper
I can read his notes).
Second:  Prof. Schopen and I were just talking about the ga.n.di,
the "gong" used in Buddhist monasteries to summon monks.  Recently
Dr. Hu-von Hinuber wrote a very interesting paper on this subject,
but several aspects remain unclear.  It seems to be that the object
was mostly made of wood (so understood uniformly by the Tibetan
and Chinese traditions).  But Dr. Hu-von Hinuber says it may
be wood, metal, or even stone.  What has been written about the
technology of metal bell making in Ancient India (this being
seemingly the closest aspect that might have been studied)?
The Vinaya texts which talk about the ga.n.di probably date from
around the 5-6th century.  Was metalurgy quite advance by then?
Where would we turn to educate ourselves in this regard?
Thanks very much for your information! at

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