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Dear Mr Dominik,

	Thanks for thw warm welcome. I was not expecting any reply on an
introduction as such. But I have already received three. That is a nice
	Before I answer any of your questions, let me say some thing
about the environment I worked in. I used a GIST card, developed by 
C-DAC Pune. I don't know whether you are aware of it or not. So let me 
put in few words about it. This card allows one to input ISCII (Indian
version of character set defining codes for various langugaes) into 
various software as if one is inputting English. Hence, one can process
devanagri or any other script characters as part of their program. For example,
I can process Sanskrit words in Turbo C/Prolog. Also one sees these characters
on the screen. The GIST although should have inbuilt sandhi functions, but
didn't have them. GIST works only in DOS environmnet. There is no equivalent of
it for any other platform and neither there is any proposal to do so.

	So as a part of my thesis, a sandhi function was written. If you have 
GIST then it can be of use to you. I, however, plan to port the analysis
package on to various platforms and various coding schemes. This is however,
depending on the time I get.
	I don't really want to re-write the software on various platfroms. 
However, I plan to write a scaled down GIST emulator so that the programs
written can be directly used on all the platforms with various coding

	You could assume that I know nothing about what has been done in the
west and what methods and work has been done. This is one of the important 
things, I would like to learn from the list. 

	It is needless to say that I have heard of  any work of Aad Verboom. 
However, I would love to know of this and the similar works.

	I plan to go back to India in Dec, 94. After that I may or may not
return. I will in Bangalore too for at least a week. Hoping to meet you in
person oner there.

	Once again thanks for your reply.


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