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	As I am new to this list, so I thought of introducing myself.

	I am a computer engg. As a part of my M.Tech thesis at IIT
Bombay, I worked on the analysis of Sanskrit. I wrote programs
to do syntactic and semantic analysis. Also I began some work
on Vedic text anlysis (Yajur Veda) and modelling of Ast.
(Unfotunately the later work was destroyed because of a hard 
disk crash. I only have some of the output only n India).
I am myself not an expert in Sanskrit but knows its structure, etc.
I did my work with the help of a Sanskrit expert at C-DAC, Poona.
I contined my work in my free time with his help. After
coming to US (about 6 months later), the work has almost stopped.
I plan to go back to India and continue the work. 
I would love to make it a full time and if possible
full life time affair. I had thought of an research institute
type of thing.

	I am quite keen on working on computational analysis and translation
of Sanskrit, Prakrit languages and to an extend currently popular
Indian languages. I am also interested in manuscripts preservation,
automatic reading (OCR), analysis and translation.

I look forward to all of you for your suggestions and help so that
I can contribute something for the development of these languages.

Thanks for your time.

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