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For your information, two bibliographical sightings of interest:

a) Authority, Anxiety, and Canon: Essays in Vedic Interpretation,
Edited by Laurie L. Patton (Albany: State University of New York
Press, 1994).

Its articles examine Vedic interpretive strategies of the ancient,
classical, and contemporary periods of Indian history. Its
contributors include Brian K. Smith, David Carpenter, and Barbara
Holdrege on the Brahmanas and Vedangas; Frederick M. Smith on the
Bhagavata Purana; Francis X. Clooney on Vedanta; David L. Gitomer on
the Vedic origins of Sanskrit drama; Dorothy Figueira on the European
appropriation of the Veda; Anantanand Rambachan on the Veda of Hindu
Reform; John E. Llewellyn on Dayanand Sarasvati; and Laurie L. Patton
on twentieth century debates concerning Vedic authorship.

b) A fascinating and well-written article on the background,
compilation and production of the Asian Classics Input Project
(Tibetan electronic texts), entitled Digital Dharma (by Erik Davis),
in WIRED 2.08, August 1994, Pp.54-59). The article contains discussion
of the contents of the project, the selection and production
processes, the lives of the monks who are inputting the texts at Sera
Mey, and other interesting details, including a Tibetan poem in praise
of the ACIP CD-ROM by Gelek Rinpoche, and pointers to a variety of
other digital dharma electronic resources.  The author, by the way, is
at erikd at  

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