Michael J. Sweet msweet at facstaff.wisc.edu
Thu Jul 21 20:22:49 UTC 1994

Within the last couple of weeks, there was a query on this list by a person
who is doing a critical edition of the Kamasutra.  I mentioned this to a
friend who is doing work in a related area, and he is very interested in
finding out who is doing this and communicating with them.  So--could you
reappear and identify yourself?  Thanks.

                                                Michael Sweet

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The Indian Institute Library at Oxford will be closed from September 5th-23rd
for the removal of asbestos. There will be no access to the Reading Room for
readers or staff so no book fetching service will be possible.

Readers are advised to avoid these dates but if that is not possible should
contact a member of staff before Monday 22nd August to discuss transfer of
books to an alternative Bodleian Reading Room.

Regretably, there will also be considerable disruption in the weeks leading up
to closure since large numbers of books have to be relocated before work on
asbestos removal can begin. The Curatos of the Bodleian Library apologize for
any inconvenience caused to readers.

Please feel free to post this message to other appropriate newsgroups.

Gillian Evison
(Indian Institute Librarian)
Indian Institute Library			Email: INDINST @ UK.AC.OX.VAX
(A department of the Bodleian Library)
Oxford                                          Telephone: (0865) 277082
OX1 3BG                                         Telex: 83656


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