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Tue Jul 19 18:29:25 UTC 1994

> 	A useful source of information on eduacational materials in print for 
> various South Asian languages is the Inventory of Language Materials (or 
> ILM) which is newly available online from the Southern Asian Institute of 
> Columbia University.  Many languages are available: Hindi, Urdu, 
> Nepali--I myself am "guest editor" for Tibetan--and others.  The folk in 
> charge are Fran Pritchett (who does ILM) and David Magier who takes care 
> of the online aspect.  This latter is called "South Asia Gopher" and has a lot 
> of useful info for South Asianists, including a directory of scholars of 
> South Asia which includes searchable "keyword" interests.  There are also 
> catalogues of resources available online and lots of other goodies.  
> Those interested may access this info using "gopher" software or by 
> direct telnet connection to the host at Columbia 
> (columbianet.columbia.edu--it is found under "CLIO Plus" heading).
> 	Other questions may be addressed to David Magier, South Asia 
> Librarian, whose E-address is: magier at columbia.edu.  At the very least, 
> those interested in being part of the larger, E-community of South Asia 
> scholars should submit their info: name, title, institution, address, 
> phone, and a description of their work, to him for inclusion in the 
> directory of South Asia scholars.  
	Is there any ftp site for the above. (Alternative to gopher).

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