South Asia Internet lists

Sat Feb 19 12:33:55 UTC 1994

I would much appreciate additions or corrections to the following list
of lists related to South Asia history, society and culture.  In parti-
cular, I'm looking for omitted lists and answers to the questions I have
put in square brackets.

BUDDHIST at JPNTOHOK.		 	Indian and Buddhist Studies  [not 
		sure this node functions as listserver]
                 BUDDHIST at JPNTUVM0      (peer)    [list functional as of 2-94]
CURRENTS at PCCVM.			South Asian News and Culture 
INDIA at PCCVM.				The India List.  [? Not at PCCVM 2-94. 
		Defunct?][a sub	request forwarded to Listserv at cunyvm, 
		where it apparently died.]
INDIA-D at		(bitnet: TEMPLEVM)  The India
		News and Discussion 
INDIA-D at			India News and Discussion Network		
INDIA-L at UKCC.		India News Network				
INDIA-L at		(bitnet:  TEMPLEVM)  India News 
		Network [are these three lists peers?]		
INDIA-L at UTARLVM1.			India interest list
INDOLOGY at		Classical India discussion
KHALSANET				moderated and restricted list on 
		Sikhism (much in Punjabi) to subscribe, write jasbir at alpha.
PAKISTAN at		(bitnet: ASUACAD).  Pakistan News 
PAKISTAN at		Pakistan News Service	[are these 
		two lists peers?]		
PNS-L at			Pakistan News Service discussion	
TAMIL-L at DHDURZ1.			Tamil Studies.
TELUGU at                              (bitnet: NDSUVM1). World Telugu 
		People nework.	Telegu, Andhra Pradesh language and 
INDIANWS at PCCVM.			(journal) The India List (NeWS) [no 
		longer at PCCVM 2-94; defunct?]

Thank you for your time and patience.

Haines Brown

   brownh at
   CIS: 70302.2206
   voice/FAX (203) 241-0133

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