SAMUELS JEFFREY samuels at ucsu.Colorado.EDU
Fri Feb 4 00:32:11 UTC 1994

	In Nyanatiloka's Buddhist Dictionary, he defines tejo-dhatu
makes reference to its occurence in Vism. XI.2 (see both tejo-dhatu
and dhatu -- pp. 209 and 57 respectively).  Unfortunately, I looked
up the Vism. reference and tejo-dhatu does not appear at that
particular verse.  However, it does arise in Vism. V.30, XI.28f, .36,
.41, .87, XIV.35, XV.30, and XX.40.  
	I hope that this helps out.  If you need further information,
drop me a note.

	Jeff Samuels
	samuels at ucsu.colorado.edu

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