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I have the book "Muslim Politics in Secular India" by Hamid Dalwai
(Orient paperbacks, 1972) in electronic form, and permission to share
it freely. I reproduce some excerpts from the foreword to the book
below. Please let me know if you want me to mail you the rest of the
book (or more parts of the book) individually. Since the subject
matter of the book is not directly related to indology, I have been
forced to keep this message short, and so I have selected excerpts at

Dileep S Karanth

		by A.B.Shah, Indian Secular Forum 

Mr Hamid Dalwai's emergence during the last two years as one of the
most thought-provoking critics of Muslim attitudes marks in my opinion
an important turning point in the history of Muslim politics in India.
For the first time since the foundation of the Central National
Mohammedan Association by Syed Ameer Ali in 1877, a Muslim student of
the problem is approaching it from a standpoint that is neither Hindu
nor Muslim, neither Gandhian nor Marxist.  Mr Dalwai's standpoint is,
rather that of a student of history and culture, and his views are
expressed with a kind of courage and forthrightness that is rare among
Indian secularists.     .........
 .......	What has actually happened is that Mr Dalwai has
stirred up a hornets' nest round his head among the educated Muslims
of India and their fellow-travellers among the Hindus.  At the same
time, those among the communalist Hindus who in the beginning imagined
that they had got a Muslim recruit for fighting their battles were
sorely disappointed when they discovered that Mr Dalwai was equally
opposed to the obscurantism of any community and of any type.

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