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In addition to Prof. Pingree's work suggested by Dr. Peter Scharf, the
following should   prove to be useful (some diacritics will appear in
strange characters in transmission but you should be able to make out what
they stand for without much trouble):
Bose, D. M. (Chief Ed.); Sen, S. N.; Subbarayappa, B.V. (Eds.) 1971.  A
concise history of science in India.  New Delhi:  Indian National Science
Chandra, Lokesh; et al (Eds.). 1970. India s contribution to world thought
and culture. Madras: Vivekananda Rock Memorial Committee.  Title also
likely to recorded as: Vivekananda commemoration volume on theme India s
Chatterji, Suniti Kumar (Ed.). The Cultural Heritage of India. Revised and
enlarged second edn., vol. 5, 1978. Calcutta: The Ramakrishna Mission,
Institute of Culture.
Dharampal. 1971. Indian science and technology in the eighteenth century: 
some contemporary European accounts. Delhi: Impex India.
Filliozat, Jean. 1949. La doctrine classique de la me decine Indienne: ses
origines et ses paralle`les Grecs. Paris: Imprimerie nationale.  English
transl: 1964. The classical doctrine of Indian medicine.
Jaggi, Om Prakash.  1966.  Scientists of ancient India and their
achievements. Delhi: Atma Ram & Sons.
Jaggi, Om Prakash.  1969-.  History of science and technology in India. 
Delhi: Atma Ram and Sons.  At least seven volumes of this are published. It
is possible that some later volumes have been merged with those of the
following title
Jaggi, Om Prakash.  1979-.  History of science, technology and medicine in
India.  Delhi: Atma Ram and Sons.  At least fifteen volumes published. See
preceding entry.
Kutumbiah, P. 1962. Ancient Indian medicine. Bombay: Orient Longmans.
Leslie, Charles (Ed.).  1976.  Asian medical systems: a comparative study. 
Berkeley: University of California Press.
Patterson, Maureen L. 1981. South Asian civilizations: a bibliographic
synthesis. Chicago and London: The University of Chicago Press. See
specifically pp. 92-4, 167, 184-5, 211.
Qaisar, Ahsan Jan. 1982.  The Indian response to European technology and
culture (A. D. 1498-1707).  Delhi, New York:  Oxford University Press.
Rahman, A. (Ed.).  1984.  Science and technology in Indian culture: a
historical perspective.  New Delhi:  National Institute of Science,
Technology, and Development Studies.*
Rahman, A., et al.  1982.  Science and technology in medieval India: a
bibliography.  New Delhi:  Indian National Science Academy.*
Rosu, Arion. 1978. Les conceptions psychologiques dans les textes me dicaux
indiens.  Paris: Institut de Civilization Indienne.*
Sen, Samarendra Nath.  1966-.  A bibliography of Sanskrit works on
astronomy and mathematics.  Pt. 1. New Delhi:  National Institute of
Sciences of India. 
Singh, H.G.  1977. Psychotherapy in India from Vedic to modern times. 
Agra: National Psychological Corporation.*
Venkatachari, K.K.A. (Ed.) 1984.  Technology in India (ancient and medieval
periods).  Bombay: Ananthacharya Indological Institute.*
Venkitasubramonia Iyer, S.  1978.  Technical literature in Sanskrit. 
Trivandrum:  University of Kerala.


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