Suggestions for research topic..

jayesh at jayesh at
Wed Aug 24 22:23:35 UTC 1994


I am interested in doing a research paper on some aspect of Indian 
science/technology. The time frame of the topic is preferably any time before
the 1950's.  However, more recent the better since I have to be able to
find some primary sources on the subject matter.  

Some general topic format are:

o What was the state of some technology, i.e. railroads, before and after
  the British Empire? 

o What were the Indians doing while the Greeks were inventing?

o Origins of the decimal system (or something else of that nature) and its
  effect on (western) civilization?

o Attempt to prove that the Indians discovered .???. before
  the .???. (the Romans, Greeks, etc.)

o The role of some indian technology in warfare

I am open to suggestions!  I'd appreciated any help.


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