PIE etymology of song

Mandakranta Bose mbose at unixg.ubc.ca
Thu Aug 18 22:33:00 UTC 1994

Samgita has been defined in Samgitaratnakara by Sarngadeva(13c) as "gitam 
vadyam tatha nrttam trayam samgitamucyate"SR.1.21., that is, songs, 
instrumental music and dance-these three taken together constitute 
samgita. Etymologically, the word means the union of tauryatrika (three 
performing arts).  Mandakranta Bose

On Fri, 5 Aug 1994, A. V. Raman wrote:

> Is Sanskrit "Sangita" (music) a cognate of English "Song"? I get the
> impression from Voyles (Early Gmc Grammar, p.36) that this is likely. But I
> thought Skt sangita was a compound - sam+gita meaning refined+song where
> "gita" = song.
> Could someone shed some light on this pls?
> Thanks.
> - &

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