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Fri Aug 5 10:50:56 UTC 1994

A brief comment on Michael Sweet's question with Gary Tubb's answer.  In
the Siddhaantakaumudii edition by Giridhara Sarma Caturvedi and
Paramesvarananda Sarma (vol II.90), the text is: na strii pumaan .
striipuMsayoH puMsakabhaavo nipaatanaat.  However, the KaaSikaa on 6.3.75
has: na strii na pumaan napuMsakam . striipuMsayoH puMsakabhaavo
nipaatyate.  That is: the term 'napuMsaka' is equivalent to 'na strii na
pumaan' (neither male nor female); the derivate napuMsaka ('neuter') is
given as ready-made, assuming certain operations to occur (nipaatyate
[lit.'is made to fall']).  In this case, this is that striipuMsa becomes
puMsaka.  In brief, the compound napuMsaka is assumed to be a ready-made
derivate in which puMsaka represents a combination of strii and pums.George


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