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Lily de Silva, professor and head of the department of Buddhist and Pali 
Studies at the University of Peradeniya in Kandy, Sri Lanka, and an old friend 
of mine, has asked me to pass on the word that she would welcome a year or 
semester appointment at a north American college/university.  She is an 
excellent scholar and teacher who has taught previously in the U.S. at UPenn, 
Harvard, Bates, Franklin & Marshall, and Dickinson College.  She has also taught 
American college students for ten years in the Intercollegiate Sri Lanka 
Education (ISLE) program, a consortial program that includes Bates, Bowdoin, 
Carleton, etc.  I have a copy of her curriculum vitae that I would be happy to 
copy for anyone who would like it.  She taught here at Dickinson in the spring 
term of 1991 under a special program for international scholars.  If your 
institution has such a program, it might be a relatively easy way to hire her.
She was well-liked as a teacher and stimulating as a colleague.
	She will be retiring from the University of Peradeniya in December, 
1994, but until then can be written at: 28/3 Old Galaha Road, Peradeniya, Sri 
Lanka.  If you wish to contact her by telephone or fax, try the ISLE program 
at 011-94-8-22140 (tel) or 011-94-8-32343 (fax).

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