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Thu Aug 11 21:39:19 UTC 1994

I am compiling a bibliography on homosexuality in different cultures of
the world.  Below is a list of books which I have found related to India &
South Asia; I wonder if anyone could help me by suggesting other sources. 
I am interested in any books regarding homosexuality in India or
neighboring countries, whether in a medical, sociological, moral,
religious, historical, or literary context. 

Thank you for any suggestions.

David Bedell, University of Bridgeport <bedell at>

Revised 8/7/94.
Compiled by David Bedell, University of Bridgeport <bedell at>

Harry, Joseph, & Das, Man Singh, eds.  Homosexuality in International
 Perspective.  New Delhi:  Vikas, 1980.

Less than Gay:  A Citizens' Report on the Status of Homosexuality in India.
 New Delhi:  AIDS Bhedbhav Virodhi Andolan, 1991.

Nanda, Serena.  Neither Man nor Woman:  The Hijras of India.  Belmont, CA:
 Wadsworth Publishing Company, 1990.  Study of the eunuchs and transsexuals of

Ratti, Rakesh, ed.  A Lotus of Another Color:  An Unfolding of the South Asian
 Gay and Lesbian Experience.  Boston:  Alyson Publications, 1993.  Gay men and
 lesbians from India, Pakistan, and other South Asian countries discuss their
 challenges and accomplishments.

Sharma, Satish Kumar.  Hijras, the Labelled Deviants.  New Delhi:  Gian
 Publishing House, 1989.  Analytical study on the congenital hermaphrodites and
 castrated eunuchs of India.

Vyas, M. D., & Shingala, Y.  The Life Style of the Eunuchs.  Flushing, NY:
 Asia Book Corporation of America, 1987.


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