Indic Fonts in Windows

marcus.banks at marcus.banks at
Thu Aug 11 12:24:48 UTC 1994

> My problem is that WinWord uses the Windows system font in dialogue
> boxes.  Therefore, both the Find/Replace functions and the Spelling functions
> don't work properly with the special characters.

As a Macintosh user I confess to being confused by this problem. Can't you
simply copy the characters you wish to find/replace from the text and paste
them into the dialogue boxes? They will be visible in the dialogue boxes as
their hexadecimal (is that the right word?) equivalent in the system font,
but the command will still find them. In fact, I think MS Word for
Macintosh allows you to search for characters by hexadecimal number
directly if you know them: the 'symbol' command tells you the relevant
number for each character in any given font.

Spelling is a bit more tricky, but again with MS Word for Macintosh you can
identify words containing unusual characters and store them in the user
dictionary as acceptable spellings not to be queried in future.

Marcus Banks


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