HACC Indic Fonts

Thomas B. Ridgeway ridgeway at blackbox.hacc.washington.edu
Thu Aug 4 14:25:09 UTC 1994

Good day to you all,

Lance Nelson writes,
> I learned today from Thomas B. Ridgeway's posting of the HACC Indic series of
> fonts.  Using the information he provided, I ftp'd the True Type fonts he
> suggested, and got them onto my hard disk.  Upon installing them in Windows
> 3.1, using the Control Panel, I get only squares, no letters, when typing
> using the fonts.  Suspecting an error in transmission, I ftp'd them again. 
> Same result.  Any guesses anyone?  Thanks.

  Whoops!  This is an easy to make and easy to rectify mistake having to
do with the declared character set.

Sorry.  I'll have the corrected version posted later today, local time 
being Pacific Daylight.


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