Affordable HINDI FONT for IBM PC/MAC

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Wed Aug 3 15:23:26 UTC 1994

 Based on feedbacks, need, and demand for a low price Hindi FONT, I
decided to develop such a FONT so that Hindi can be promoted
among Indians living abroad. The prices for such fonts available
in the market range from $99 to $300 which is very high.
I have developed a Hindi Font for IBM PC or MAC computer and would like
to sell it at $25.00 only. I would like to see more Indian especially
children born abroad, using Hindi and computer is a great tool fo it.
I can provide font in either True Type Font(TTF) or postscript Type 1,
or Post Script type3. Windows can use True Type font without any
problem and same is true for Macinstosh operating system. One
will need ATM(Adobe Type Manager) to use Type1 or Type3 Fonts.
A BITMAP font can also be generated if anyone needs it for DOS 
applications (wordprocessors). It can be generated for only  one 
fixed size as desired by the user. The TTF and Type1/Type3 fonts can
be used with any applications that can be run under Windows 3.1 or
higher version or Macintosh operating system. The TrueType font
is scaleable, outline font and can be printed in any sizes.
All necessary, required Hindi (devanagari) characters and conjuncts
are available. The characters are input phonetically from the English
keyboard. The mapping of Hindi characters to English keyboard
is very easy to remember.
If you have further questions, please feel free to send me 
E-Mail or call at 313-434-1970. To order or info, please
send a CHECK of $25 + $3 for Shipping and Handling to :
 3757 Helen Ave.
 Ypsilanti, MI 48197, USA
Ramesh Kushwaha

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